1.  A new not-for-profit Community Interest Company will be formed to manage the BID.
  2. Following a ‘yes’ vote an interim BID Steering Committee will be nominated to represent levy paying businesses within the BID area and such other businesses and stakeholders as required until the BID becomes formally operational in February 2016. It is intended that the Chair of this interim Committee will be Simon Cripps, Chair of Purley Business Association to ensure continuity through this phase from the current BID Steering Board. Within the interim period, this Committee shall agree the procedure for electing the on-going Committee and suitable rotation policies for membership. Additional members may be co-opted, as required. Nominated representatives from the Council and the Police will not be subject to any election process.
  3. The team that has been responsible for developing this BID Proposal will be responsible for initial planning and initial implementation in the interim period from ballot to February 2015. During this period, the BID Steering Committee will be responsible for the appointment of the operational delivery team for the BID.
  4. The Committee shall have the ability to vary service delivery and expenditure allocation according to the changing demands of levy payers. However, any change to the BID boundary or to the levy rate proposals would require an alteration ballot.
  5. Businesses within the BID area whose rateable value is under £8,000, and those outside the area, will be encouraged to support the work of the BID.
  6. An agreement in principle, subject to a successful ‘yes’ vote has been reached with Croydon Council on an Operating Agreement which includes the Council’s baseline services commitments. A copy will be found at
  7. Notice of the intention to hold a ballot will be given to the Secretary of State prior to 23rd July 2015. Notice of Ballot will be sent to participating businesses by Croydon Council within the required statutory period