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Purley Survey 2016

We are looking for your feedack with the Purley Survey 2016.

There are up to 5 surveys we would like you to complete to assist with building a better Purley. 

We would really appreciate your feeback. Please select icon below to take part



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Business Engagement 

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Purley Bid Brochure

Timeline for the BID

We have an opportunity to make Purley a better place for our Businesses.

By voting YES for the BID the Businesses will agree to pay a levy of Just 2% of the Business rates to be pooled together to achieve significantly more than can be achieve as individuals.

Purley BID timeline

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Ballot Responce

From a possible 178 Heriditiments entitled to vote in the Purley BID Ballot, 72 responded. This is a 40.45% responce which is greater than the reported average from Croydon council of 33%. So many thanks to allthose who took part in this improtanmt vote.

Purley BID responce

Return by number of votes 87.5% in favour 12.5% against

Yes 87.5%
No 12.5%

Return by rateable value 94.5% in favour 5.1% against

Yes 94.9%
No 5.1%


A Yes vote for Purley BID will ensure Purley Business owners are in control of how to improve business in the town

We strongly support the development of a BID in Purley. This will bring more business and benefits to the town for a relativley low investment


Lupita Coffee
John Leventhall
Frost Property
Frost Property
Frost Property
Frost Property
Frost Property
Frost Property
Frost Property