Purley Rotary Swimathon

Purley Rotary SWIMATHON 2017.

The event takes place on Saturday 25th February and Thursday 2rd March 2017.

Purley Rotary Swimathon 2017 gives your team of swimmers the opportunity to gather sponsorship for your organisation or a cause or charity you select. Purley Rotary Club takes complete responsibility for running the event. Swimmers can be friends, colleagues or family members. Over 300 swimmers took part in February 2016 and to date, since the Swimathon started we have raised over £475,000 for local charities and organisations! This year help us break the half a Million mark!!!

Your team should have between 5 and 10 members who will swim on the day and collect sponsorship. We organise everything for the Swimathon. After the event, you send us the money you collect and we send
you a cheque for 60% of the amount raised by your team to benefit your chosen charity or organisation.


The remaining money goes to charities selected by Purley Rotary including this year: South East Cancer Care Help Centre, The Purley Food Hub and Croydon Young Stroke Group.
The Swimathon is not a marathon but a FUN event. No team or individual is asked to swim an unduly long distance. Each team swims continuously for 55 minutes with one member being in the water at a time. Swimmers aged 6 to 83 have previously taken part.

Friday, 30 June 2017