Purley BID is helping local businesses to save costs!

Running a small business can be very challenging, while most business owners focus on increasing sales, lowering expenses is equally important when trying to achieve or maintain profitability.

Purley Business Improvement Districts team is delighted to commission Meercat Associates to support businesses in Purley.

Meercat Associates (http://meercatassociates.com/) provides intelligent buying and smart saving advice for businesses. Meercat Associates Team work only with BIDs since 2007 by supporting BID members in the following ways:

• Supporting members to gain up to 50% savings across a range of critical business commodities with more in development.
• Working with an expert and experienced team with specialist understanding of the needs of both BID managers and their members.
• Managing all supplier relationships saving time, energy and avoiding costly mistakes. The best tariffs are achieved and renewals never missed.
• Delivering reduced environmental impact – all our suppliers are environmentally assessed.

If you would like to find out more information, please contact Purley BID team: admin@inpurley.london

03/20/2017Business Engagement