Live Well in Purley

How is the year going so far? So The week of Monday 16th January is meant to be the worst week of the year. After all the excitement of Christmas and new year with all the food, presents and family we all come down to earth with a bump.

That diet is not going so well, all those good intentions and new years resolutions are starting to fall apart and dry January may already have become a little wet.
Well we at Purley BID are looking to turn that around.

We have a year long campaign to Live Well in Purley. Every couple of months we have a new campaign to help us all live well. Following Guidelines from NHS    and with support of Mind in Croydon  we are living the five steps to mental well being with 5 bimonthly campaigns

Be active for January and February

Lets get rid of those extra Christmas lbs, walk into work, take up cycling, swim or join the gym. #beActiveinPurley

Take Notice for March and April

Take notice of Purley. We will be running both a Photography campaign and Don’t mess with Purley to clean up the town.

Learn in July and August

School may be out, but this could be the perfect time to learn a new skill, from pottery, and new language or just juggling let’s improve our talents

Give in September and October

This will be our time for charity, not just looking for money but also your time, give your time to helping others. We shall also be working with South East Cancer Help Center  to Paint Purley Purple, this year we are really going to go to town

Connect November and December

Time to connect, the party season may well be on us, but not everyone has someone to talk to, so let’s take time to connect

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