The Visions

Visions for Purley

In 2014, Purley Business Association polled around 60% of businesses in Purley through visits, meetings or surveys.

All businesses said that improvement was needed, leading the Association to identify more clearly several key areas for improvement.

Five clear visions emerged for how businesses wanted to invest the £161,000 generated from the BID Levy:

All of the businesses identified the availability and position of parking to be an issue affecting trade and visits to the town and wanted:

Radical change to the amount, location and type of parking is needed, including more on-street spaces and improvement of the Multi Storey Car Park to give new access from the High Street.

To reduce the parking fines issued on the High street.

To improve signage in the town, particularly to parking areas.

To have a Visitor Centre facility - to support both business and town centre visitors.

Use of online services to support visitors’ accessibility, showing parking spaces, charges and times.

There isn’t enough cooperation and communication between businesses – we need strength in numbers so we are persuasive when we act collectively.  The BID can respond to your concern and aspirations by

  • Employment of town centre management resource.
  • Creating more networking opportunities to maximise internal cross links between businesses and use our own local resources as priority.
  • Holding an annual Business Exhibition - bringing benefits in public relations and stimulation of business opportunity. 
  • Landlord and Agent Engagement to improve property occupancy and understanding how Purley can attract appropriate new tenants to add retail diversity and widen available services and shops.
  • Drive towards evolution of the area into a small set of clear ‘identities’ to become what Purley is ‘famous for’ by providing a business support hub with information, encouragement and advice for businesses entering the area and our current colleagues

Purley suffers from fly tipping and neglect by the Council, many minor improvements can add up to a big change for the better, such as:

Improved Street Cleaning, waste facilities and pest control.

Cleaning and refurbishment of the Multi-Storey Car Park.

New cost-savings with cheaper recycling opportunities and common facilities such as waste disposal, energy and telecoms, by procuring better, cheaper contractor services.

Preventing fly-tipping and improve likelihood of prosecution of those who defile the streets and rear-of-store areas by CCTV, area radio networks, improved security gating and lobbying the Council to act on infringements.

Purley has many problems – a high number of vacant properties, a lack of marketing of the town and finding persuasive reasons to shop and use services in the town.

Marketing harder and smarter is a key role of the BID team and the businesses working together - no single business can achieve this but through organised activity we can:

  • Continue the Purley Festival and develop other celebratory opportunities to build footfall and community spirit.
  • Improve seasonal marketing of the area with banners, improved Christmas Lights, summer seasonal festive lighting to encourage, year-round a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers, clients, diners and pub-goers. 
  • Put up prominent permanent signage - to identify Purley to welcome visitors and improve return rates 
  • Engage more custom with a Purley Town Website and Social Media facilities to inform about Purley shops, events and attractions.
  • Publish a Town Traders Newsletter as a source of information for businesses about our BID activity.
  • Improve cosmetic appeal of empty shops to get better appeal of the streets in general.
  • Try a Purley Loyalty Card which many BID locations have adopted.
  • Introduce a regular Street Market – Open-air market activity is a feature of many high streets, providing footfall and trading opportunities.

Purley is not considered a particularly unsafe or violent area but we have our instances of antisocial behaviour, homelessness and theft.  The residents of Purley require a high level of safety, both during daytime but particularly at night, to attract their shopping spend and use of service providers such as Estate Agents. Visitors should see that the business community cares and is making Purley a pleasant place, with some key initiatives:

  • Joining the Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership Scheme to track antisocial behaviour across the town, hand in hand with Croydon and neighbouring areas.
  • Better Car Park Lighting in the Multi-Storey where the public currently feels uncomfortable and see improved lighting as a considerable benefit.
  • Pub watch, and Retail security, to help prevent trouble around shops, pubs and dining.
  • Improved surveillance and communication channels between local businesses.
  • Acquire our own Policing – always in the town - focused on being there when most needed and being easily visible.