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safer streets  Purley Business improvement District BID logoTo join the existing Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership Scheme.


Purley is not considered a particularly unsafe or violent area but we have our instances of antisocial behaviour, homelessness and theft.


The residents of Purley require a high level of safety, both during daytime but particularly at night, to attract their shopping spend and use of service providers such as Estate Agents.


Visitors should see that the business community cares and is making Purley a pleasant place, with some key initiatives:

  1. Joining the Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership Scheme to track antisocial behaviour across the town, hand in hand with Croydon and neighbouring areas
  2. Better Car Park lighting in the Multi-Storey where the public currently feels uncomfortable and improved lighting is seen as a considerable benefit.
  3. Pub watch, and Retail security, to help prevent trouble around shops, pubs and dining.
  4. Improved surveillance and communication channels between local businesses. Acquire our own Policing – always in the town - focused on being there when most needed and being easily visible.


business engagement

Purley Business Engagement logoWe know our levy payers have a real desire to ensure their voice is heard and their needs are met. Our aim is to represent businesses’ interests and lobby on their behalf. We also keep businesses informed of our progress and activities through regular newsletters, e-communications, workshops and events.

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