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Peception and image  Purley Business improvement District BID logoContinue the Purley Festival and develop other celebratory opportunities to build footfall

Purley has many challenges – a high number of vacant properties, a lack of marketing of the town and finding persuasive reasons to shop and use services in the town.

Marketing harder and smarter is a key role of the BID team and the businesses working together. No single business can achieve this, but through organised activity we can do much more:

  1. Develop the Purley Festival and other celebratory opportunities to build footfall and community spirit.
  2. Improve seasonal marketing of the area with banners, improved Christmas lights, summer seasonal festive lighting, and encourage a pleasant atmosphere all year-round for shoppers, clients, diners and pub-goers.
  3. Put up prominent permanent signage - to identify Purley to welcome visitors and improve return rates.
  4. Engage more custom with a Purley Town Website and Social Media facilities to inform about Purley shops, events and attractions.
  5. Publish a Newsletter as a source of information for businesses about our BID activity.
  6. Improve cosmetic appeal of empty shops to get better appeal of the streets in general.

business engagement

Purley Business Engagement logoWe know our levy payers have a real desire to ensure their voice is heard and their needs are met. Our aim is to represent businesses’ interests and lobby on their behalf. We also keep businesses informed of our progress and activities through regular newsletters, e-communications, workshops and events.

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