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Cleaner and greener  Purley Business improvement District BID logoImproved and ongoing Street Cleaning, waste facilities and pest control (e.g. Chewing gum and pigeons)


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Purley suffers from fly tipping and neglect by the Council. Many minor improvements can add up to a big change for the better, such as:

Improving street cleaning, waste facilities and pest control.

Cleaning and refurbishment of the Multi-Storey car park.

Saving cost with cheaper recycling opportunities and common facilities such as waste disposal, energy and telecoms, by procuring better, cheaper contractor services.

Preventing fly-tipping and improve likelihood of prosecution of those who defile the streets and rear-of-store areas by CCTV, area radio networks, improved security gating and lobbying the Council to act on infringements.


Saving on Refuse collection
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Grot Spot Cleaning
100% (1 vote)
Fly Tipping
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Presentation of empty Shops
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Public Art
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Floral Displays
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Support Christmas Lights
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Extra Street cleaning
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Community payback cleaning
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Total votes: 1

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Purley Business Engagement logoWe know our levy payers have a real desire to ensure their voice is heard and their needs are met. Our aim is to represent businesses’ interests and lobby on their behalf. We also keep businesses informed of our progress and activities through regular newsletters, e-communications, workshops and events.

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