The Ballot

  1. Croydon Council will canvass to identify the eligible voters, by sending out ‘named voter forms’. If a form is not completed and returned, the ballot paper will be sent to the name provided by the local authority’s business rates department.
  2. The Council, at its own cost, will send a ballot paper to the eligible voter at each property.
  3. Each property in the BID will be entitled to one vote in respect of this BID proposal. This will be a postal ballot which will start on 15th Oct 2015, and close at 5pm on 18th Nov 2015. Ballot papers received after 5pm on 18th Nov 2015 will not be counted.
  4. The ballot will be counted by Croydon Council who will announce the result as soon as practically possible after the close of ballot.
  5. If successful at ballot, the BID will start delivery of services in February 2016 and will continue for a period of 5 years to January 2020.
  6. At the end of the 5 year term eligible voters will be asked to vote on a BID renewal proposal.
  7. In order for the proposal to be successful at ballot the result will need to meet, as a minimum, two independent criteria which are:

             (a) of those ballots returned by the close, those voting in favour of the BID proposal must exceed those voting against it, and

             (b) of those ballot papers returned by the close, the total rateable value of those properties which vote in favour, must also exceed the total                of those voting against.

Ballot Responce

From a possible 178 Heriditiments entitled to vote in the Purley BID Ballot, 72 responded. This is a 40.45% responce which is greater than the reported average from Croydon council of 33%. So many thanks to allthose who took part in this improtanmt vote.

Purley BID responce

Return by number of votes 87.5% in favour 12.5% against

Yes 87.5%
No 12.5%

Return by rateable value 94.5% in favour 5.1% against

Yes 94.9%
No 5.1%